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  • Be Aggressive!

    Be Aggressive!

    Once and awhile like winning the lottery you just seem to run into a profile that has everything right. My Personal favorites about this profile Asking for a picture when not having one Subtly suggesting the men in her life try to get her help and she doesn’t...

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  • Ever been to a bad one person theatre show?

    Everyone has that artsy friend where for some reason, usually loyalty or a promise of dinner afterward  you end up in a theater that seems vaguely like urine watching someone to an awful one person show. What if we converted this experience to a personal...

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  • Im a nice girl.. but..

    I like this profile.. well the first half of it… I love the second half. I really love the concept of having to threaten retribution to anybody you might possibly date… “Look i’m a nice girl. but you are gong to fuck with me someday.....

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