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Hi There, So you want to submit a profile.. Well good for you! Not unlike a personal ad we are a little choosey and also not unlike a personal ad you probably wont read this….But this is what we want..

  • Unintentionally Funny
  • Angry/Unattractive Traits listed
  • Very Odd/Poor choice photos. IE. picture in public toilet, at their own wedding etc.
  • Reeks loser/creep
  • ETC.

This is the kind of profiles we are not interested in..

  • Person just happens to be ugly, fat, disabled (in a sad way), etc.
  • People you just happen to know that are boring
  • Obvious Fakes, IE. Models, Bill Cosby, etc.

So if you think you have a profile that should be submited, possibly to public ridicule.

Please send a photo or link to…

About the Author

Eric McClaster - Eric McClaster, Eric to his friends. Studies in at Toronto University where he is getting his Masters in Engineering Biology. He also is the proud husband of a hippie wife and adopted mentally retarded child. He one day hopes to get a free house from Extreme Makeover, the television show.