The writer

Well here is the first horrible personal ad on this website. Lets cut the chitchat and just begin.. Why is this dashing young man single..

“I keep trying to properly explain the complexities of my life, but it never seems to come out just right.

I’m more into a woman with a brain over some idealist notion of what a media driven society thinks the female shape should look like. ”

Oh well everyone has to use that english degree sometime right? And thats a pretty classy way of saying he likes a bit of a chunky lady. Who knows why this guy is single?

“The life I lead is outside the box completely. I’ve worked for porn companies, acted as a murderous clown, worked with drug addicts, write for a gay magazine, and just create art 24/7. ”

Oh that is why..

“I’m a roller coaster of amusing and I will openly laugh at stupid people and situations that really need laughter despite the mindset that this is neither the time or place. Laughing always makes things better.

I’m a bit of a buddhist in theory.

I’m a writer, I write long responses…if you can’t cobble together a few sentences what does that say about you?”

I am not even going to read that…. and he finishes off with a poem or a song or something that no one is going to read.

I give this profile 2/10. I really expected a straight writer for a gay magazine to have a little more pizazz.

Pros: Well.. he seems very open minded.

Cons: The user provided content.

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Eric McClaster - Eric McClaster, Eric to his friends. Studies in at Toronto University where he is getting his Masters in Engineering Biology. He also is the proud husband of a hippie wife and adopted mentally retarded child. He one day hopes to get a free house from Extreme Makeover, the television show.