What is with these chicks??

Joshua has a problem. Joshua lives in a real life Axe Commercial. Women can’t just see he is a good guy!! He is just a piece of meat!

My name is Joshua. I am 25 and live with one roommate in Gananoque. I like to play sports. I also like to relax and play some video game. I am a Manager at a kids restaurant and have been a volunteer fire fighter for almost 7 years. I like to joke around and have a good time when I don;t need to be serious.

So on this site I haven’t really meet anyone that was worth keeping.
I have found a couple girls that are nothing like the picture.
I have meet alot that just want sex and nothing more.

Been There Buddy.

I have meet a fair amount that are getting to know other guys then once we are about to met. I get the oh I have met this other guy.

They meet some awesome guy like 5 minutes after our date!

So if you are into someone else, want sex only, do not want to get married or look nothing like your photo please do not message me.

I doubt I will get any messages but we’ll see,

Well the satisfaction of being right is always nice.

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Eric McClaster - Eric McClaster, Eric to his friends. Studies in at Toronto University where he is getting his Masters in Engineering Biology. He also is the proud husband of a hippie wife and adopted mentally retarded child. He one day hopes to get a free house from Extreme Makeover, the television show.